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Notes For Clubs 2011-2012


These notes are guidance for the contentious situations that clubs have brought up. In every case people should remember the competition is about playing games in a sporting manner and not trying to pull strokes on other teams. It was set up to encourage more players to come into or stay in the game and to sustain the excellent social atmosphere that has existed down the years. If we can all take the viewpoint that everyone is trying their best, fairly and that the whistle for no-side really means half-time, as the bar is available, we will not go far wrong.


These should be appointed as per the Laws of the Game.

Every referee should be deemed competent. If there are obvious problems then it is up to the team captains to solve the problem by discussion.

If any referee sends off a player the following must occur:

- the referee must submit a written report of the incident, within 48 hours, to the Disciplinary Committee of the County Union(s) of the player(s) sent off. This is the case even if the referee is not “qualified” or a Society member. He should take advice from his local referee’s Society if necessary as they will help him.

-The Club of the offending player must also report the sending off to their Union’s Disciplinary Committee a phone call will do.

-The issue is then left with the Disciplinary Committee to resolve.

Most of these committees are experienced in erroneous sendings off and can be relied upon to be open, honest and just if everyone is the same with them.


This is the responsibility of all clubs. There is an RFU Insurance that has indemnity if a referee, administrator, trainer or coach has a problem as long as they have been appointed by the club. There is obviously a competence issue but it is the Captains’ duty to talk to their opposite number and the referee to sort out problems.

Non Contested Scrummage.

These will be allowed in all games in the interest of getting games played by the maximum number of players. If a Club has a problem then they should inform their opponents as soon as possible and the home team should brief the referee. It is hoped that such actions will occur only in rare circumstances and that clubs will not take a cynical advantage.

Replacements (Effective from the 2007-08 season)

In general the RFU laws apply, but as the GK competition is not part of the RFU National League structure there will be a maximum of 7 nominated replacements which must include 2 front row players unless:

a) otherwise agreed by both captains and referee before the kick-off, or
b) one side has replacements, the other has less than 15 players and has not been offered players before   kick-off by the opposition in which case no replacements shall be allowed.

In any event, the referee should agree with the two captains before the game on whether or not replacements are available. There shall be no rotation of players during the game.

Teams with replacements available are honour bound to loan such players to an opposing side if that side arrives short

Sides Short of Players

All clubs are advised not to call off any fixture due to shortage of players without first consulting with the opposing club.

Opposing clubs are encouraged to provide players in order to fulfil the fixture, even if this means playing fewer than 15 players per side.  This could reduce to 10-a-side, where standard RFU rules should apply, in exceptional circumstances in order to provide all those players present with a game.

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